Mike and Linda Darby (and their two sons Joseph and Josiah) welcome you to Goldrush Originals in Angels Camp, California.

Mike is an accomplished Artist (Muralist, Sculptor, Painter, etc.) who worked in the interior design world for over two decades. Also a Singer/Songwriter, Inventor/Designer of a "very cool!' family card game called: Inspector Pancake. He's currently working on a couple of books (not quite 'officially' an Author yet) Heck! he's been dubbed a 'Renaissance Man' by some, and 'Jack of all trades by others... Lately (for the past 6 years or so) he's been looking for gold (and helping others do the same).

Linda (who is herself a 'fantastic' Artist) is doing what she loves... Creating jewelry (with lot's of 'BLING'!). 

The Downtown Angels Camp Shop (Goldrush Originals) offers an outlet for their creativity and adventuroso'.

​You can look for gold with Mike any time of the year, but Summertime is a 'special time' that he (and his son Joseph) set aside to help visitors have fun looking for gold in and around Angels Camp. Click on 'tours' to find out more...

Thinking about moving to the area?  Josiah is a Real Estate guy, and Mike can tell you which properties are likely to have gold on them!

​We'll be getting some more pictures up on the website pretty soon!



The Darby Family